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Extra Value Meal Okay.
Unless you've killed your Television in support of Ted Kaczynski, you are aware that the McRib Sandwich is back. Oh yes, the pressed meat atrocity has returned. Not since pup-on-a-pole has the "other white meat" been so brutally disgraced.

  An uneducated glance at this food item shows it to be a rack of pork ribs smothered in BBQ sauce. However, the McRib Sandwich is a boneless offering. There is false advertising inherent in the name: there are no ribs in the McRib Sandwich.  

Now, I don't eat swine. So I honestly can't tell you what its like to bite into a rib-shaped pressed-pork sandwich. But I think of no act more unnatural and against god.

I mean, look at it...
They press the meat into the shape of ribs. Why? You'd think people would have an aversion to biting into a rack of bones.
Why don't they press it into a more appropriate shape, like (I may be out of line here) a patty? Or maybe in the shape of a cute little pig.

Are you ready for more about the McDonalds Pork Legacy?

Prehensile Tales thinks BBQ sauce contains Nonoxydal-9

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