Most of our generation's relationship problems can be traced back to 80's teen sex movies. Every weekend we would rent the R rated movie that promised the most nudity. Occasionally we'd get burned by some unrated Caligula-type movie, but we knew the risks involved.. The teen sex field was plentiful: Hardbodies I and II, the Porky's series and its numerous imitators, the many variations in the Spring Break Genre, Nerd transformed by Love Potion Testimonies, Camp movies, or Teacher/ Tutor flicks.
This was our reality. This is where our ideas about women and relationships were born. This is why we respond to beer ads. This is why Baywatch is so popular. This is why we can't understand women. This is why women can't understand us.
People are shelling out hard earned cash to read self help books like "Men are from Venus, Women are from Mars" when the true answer is so simple:

Too many Boobies.

Prehensile Tales saw the Witch Doctor. But couldn't understand that, "Ooh, Eee...wing, wang..." crap.

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